2013 Class Bio Sketch

Chen Feng

Chen Feng (陈锋)

My name is Chen Feng, 34 years old, I was born in Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, a beautiful small city in central China, until high school I spent there. I graduated from Hebei Medical University, received a Master of Medicine degree. I am engaged in health management and medical education research. After graduation I work in the Armed police Logistics College, worked as a teacher began to open my main lecture on “social medicine”, “Health Management”, “health education” courses. Later, I transferred to the office to be a teaching management personnel, My main job is to work out teaching plans, revised the talent training scheme. Work in practice, I deeply feel the plight of medical education, the school where I have been working cultivate outstanding medical students, but we still have a lot of trouble. We have to think about what students after graduation should have the necessary ability and quality, medical education should take what kind of education was more ways to adapt to social needs, how to deal with medical education in the relationship between general education and professional education is most appropriate, the cost of medical education, future work is how to influence medical students’ career development. I took these questions to participate in the study, hoping to get everyone’s help.


chenqin 9280Chen Qin (陈勤)

I am Chen Qin, a thirty-eight years old lady, married and have one daughter who is eleven years old this year. I graduated from Department of Clinical Medicine of Luzhou Medical College (LZMC) in 1997 and acquired Master degree of computer technology in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2007.Now I am working as Deputy Director in the Teaching Affairs Department and Deputy Director of Institute of Higher Education Research of LZMC, mainly responsible for teaching reformation, specialty construction, curriculum development, reform in education and Research on the competence-oriented Education Model for excellent physicians(COEEP) from five-year clinical medicine education in PR China project and etc . In research, I mainly participate in the aspects mentioned above. Also I have a special interest in the research in medical education and teacher’s professional development. It gives me great pleasure and honor to have been selected for FAIMER institute Fellowship program 2013. I am confident that I have the ability to accept challenges and will effectively contribute greatly to the future success of both myself and my college.Many thanks to CMB-CMU-FAIMER and I am looking forward to join the family of FAIMER.


Fan Dongyan
Fan Dongyan



laiyanni9391Lai Yanni (赖雁妮)

I am Dr.Lai Yanni, from Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University. I am a doctor, a teacher and also an administrator. I was born in 1976 in Fujian Province, southeast of China. I entered Shanghai Medical College (SMC), the former Shanghai Medical University in 1994, and my major was clinical medicine (7-year curriculum). I finished my residency training in Huashan Hospital, a tertiary hospital affiliated to Fudan University and serve as an endocrinologist until now. I am also a consultant in the United Family Hospital, Shanghai. I started my clinical teaching career from 2001. I am the core member of the Standardized Patient & OSCE Program, as well as the Problem-based learning Program in SMC. I have been an assistant professor in the department of Internal Medicine of SMC since 2007. I worked as the assistant director of Education Office in Huashan Hospital from 2005 to 2010, in charge of residency training. In 2010, the standardized residency training program was initiated officially and thoroughly in Shanghai. I had been the vice director of it in Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, responsible for the combination of residency training and postgraduate program until 2011. This experience is really valuable and unforgettable to me and it is also the reason why I choose specialty training program as my project. My husband and I got to know each other in 1988 and we have been married for more than ten years. We raise a lovely cat with the name”Liang-liang”. I would like to thank FAIMER for giving me such an opportunity to further develop skills in health professions education, the field that I love, enjoy and would like to devote to.


Li Dandan

Li Dandan (李丹丹)

My name is Dandan Li, and I am thirty-two years old. I live in Jinzhou, which is a beautiful coastal city in northeast China. I like reading, cooking, travelling, etc. From my point of view, education is the foundation of the national quality. Educational research plays a very important role in the development of education. Therefore, I joined Liaoning Medical University after I received master’s degree in 2012. I am mainly studying the practical issues occurring in reforms of medical education and exploring their solution. Recently, our school makes research on how to innovate the pattern of cultivating medical talents and how to construct a complete assurance system of higher education’s quality with two other medical institutions. Due to the education quality accreditation in our country is still in the period of exploration and development; we definitely need learn from practice and improve ourselves continuously in the process of researching. I’m very glad to become a member of the Faimer China Center, and I believe it will give me some valuable experiences. I am really looking forward to this training.


linaihua 9383

Lin Aihua (林爱华)

My name is Lin Aihua. I am thirty- four years old. I was born in Chaozhou city in GuangdongProvince in the east China. I am married, and have a four and a half years old lovely daughter. I am a positive,dedicated and hard-working person. I like travelling and making friends with people of different cultures, I also like playing badminton, running and reading. I graduated from SunYat-sanUniversity, with a master’s degree in administration management. I am working in Dean’s office of GuangzhouMedicalUniversity from 2005. Now I am the Chief of the Teaching Quality Management Section of Dean’s office. As an assistant researcher, I am also engaging in the teaching quality control, education & teaching research. I also do some work on general education. 2008.02 till now, as a teacher, lecture for undergraduate students on Modern Management Introduction and Case study (a public elective course). It gives me the great pleasure and honor to have been selected for CMB-CMU-FAIMER Region Institute fellowship program. I am concerned about the general education for medical students. I plan to use the knowledge and skills gained from this program to improve the general education on our university, then let the medical students have higher spirit of humane concern, stronger innovative and practice ability.

liuying 9182

Liu Ying (刘莹)

I am Liu Ying, was born on July 23, 1973. I am married since 1998, having one boy of 14 years old. I like music, cooking, reading, watching movies and TV serials, shopping, sight-seeing, spending time with my son etc. I graduated from clinical medicine and joined in work in 1997, in 2002 got the lecturer promotion. I am mainly responsible for undergraduate and international students as a pathology teacher. Being a visiting scholar in Austria Vienna university of clinical pharmacology in 2007.In 2008 and 2009,become Associate professor and a supervisor of postgraduate. And also in June 2008, I came to academic affairs office as deputy director, is mainly responsible for test center and higher education research center of the college. Now we are doing an innovation project“the exploration and practice to establish CBL system in higher medical undergraduate education” in our college . I hope that through this study I will be able to further expand the international perspective and get more ability to improve the education and scientific research.


liuyuqing 9374

Liu Yuqing (刘玉青)

My name is Yuqing liu,and I am thirty-four years old. I was born in Gongyi, a beautiful city in the center of Henan province. I have a very cute son who is three years old. I graduated from XinxiangMedicalUniversity and obtained a bachelor degree of clinical medicine in 2003.  Then I became a doctor working in the Department of Ophthalmology in Huaihe Hospital of Henan University and I was also responsible for teaching part of ophthalmology course. In 2010 I received a master degree of social medicine. In order to family reunion, I returned to our alma mater, working in the Teaching Affairs Department. I am responsible for the management of clinical students practice. I really like this job. As one of the staff of the department I also participate in other academic work and the enrollment management. At the same time, I am a provincial level Putonghua tester, and engage in the Putonghua testing in Colleges and Universities. I think I am a novice in the aspect of medical education and research. I feel that I have a lot to learn and work. I hope that through this study I will be able to further expand the international perspective and get more ability to improve the medical education and scientific research. Thanks for FAIMER and CMU organizations providing this opportunity for me, I am eagerly looking forward to starting my study in August.



Li Yan (厉岩)

My name is Li Yan. I am married to a professor of Pathophysiology have a son. I live in Wuhan, China with my family. I graduated with B.M. Degree from Xinjiang Medical College in prevention medicine in 1990 and with M.M. degree from Tongji Medical University in health-statistics and epidemiology in 1997 and with M.D. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in health-statistics and epidemiology in 2004. I have a total of 16 years of professional experience in the area of medical education management and medical education research. Now I work for Academic Affairs Division at Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a Vice Director. I have been involved in medical education management and medical education research since 1997, and have published more than 20 papers in this field. As one of the editors, I have already participated in the writing of several other books and won the National Teaching Achievement Award twice in 2001 and 2005. I work as the vice secretary-general of education management Committee of Association of Medical Universities and Colleges in China. I hope that through this study I will be able to further expand the international perspective and get more ability to improve medical education management and research.



Lun Shisi (伦施斯)


My name is Lun Shisi. I am thirty-one years old. I was born in Shenyang city in the northeast China. I graduated form Dalian Medical University and get the bachelor degree in 2006.During 2006 to 2009 I studied in China Medical University for my master degree. I am working in the Research Center for Medical Education of CMU from 2009 till now. I am response for the teaching methods. And i also do some research, I mainly participate in practice teaching reforms and assessing the effects of graduation practice. And, I am also responsible for the lesson Guidance on Clinical Medicine. I study a lot from my work and my teachers about the medical education in China and in the world. I am interested in studying and reading. After work I like to do some exercise and listen to music.



Lv Shaochun (吕少春)


I was a medical teacher of Regional Department of Jiamusi University. I was born in 1983 in Jixi city of Heilongjiang province of China, and after having completed primary school, went to a junior middle school from 1996-1999, then I was recommended to study in a senior middle school from 1999-2002. I took the Gollege Entrance Examination in 2002, and went to study the major of clinical medicine in Jiamusi university. I graduated from this university in 2007 and got to work as a physician at the Women’s and Children’s hospital of Jiamusi city. I got the Master’s degree of Surgeon in 2011, then changed my job and got to work in Jiamusi University. I had gotten the National Scholarship for College Students and many other honors in my campus life. Despite that I have taught for not a long time, I had realized that I can be a good educator through making effort later. From 2008, when I entered the Graduate Entrance Examination, I got to  interest in medical teaching, though I was a physician at that time. It was then that I really came to realize that medical education was a real science. Since then on I have been heavily dedicated to medical education. At present, except working as a medical teacher, I still take the assignment of higher education administration. It is imperative for me to enchance my knowledge and skills in medical education in my University. My faculty development specialty is research of medical education, and my plan is to use the knowledge and skills gained at FAIMER to assist the Teaching Centre of Excellent Doctor of Jiamusi University. I believe that I will be full of confidence and abilities to realize the aims of achievement for promoting the regional level of medical education.


niuli 9193

Niu Li (牛力)

I was born in January 27, 1981. After graduating from Medical School of Soochow University as a bachelor of medicine, I have started to teach pathophysiology in Jiujiang University medical college nearly ten years. In 2010, I decided to choose administrative pathway to continue medical education career. Now I am the deputy director of teaching and research management office, also an assistant professor of pathophysiology at School of Basic Medical Sciences, Jiujiang University Medical College. I received my master degree at the Department of Children&Adolescent Health and Maternal Care, School of Public Health, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology. As a researcher at the Center of International Rural Medical Education supported by CMB (China Medical Board), I focus on how to improve the quality of medical student who will work in rural area through various aspects, such as cooperative curriculum design, faulty development and teaching method reform. I have led and participated in several medical education reform projects including Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course Construction Project (Pathophysiology), Joint Curriculum Development for Five-year Rural-oriented Tuition-waived Medical Students Training Program. One of my research priorities is, by using the instrument of evidence based medicine and extracting education related information from whole health service system, to guide the medical education reform. In order to fulfill this task, I have started to learn evidence-based medicine in Lanzhou University (one week short-term course), incoming three month studying in China Evidence Based Medicine Center (The Chinese Cochrane Center), additionally, joined in a 2.5-year Health Policy and Systems Sciences Residency Program with other five young fellow from Sichuan University, the program is taught by Winnie Yip, Professor of Health Policy and Economics, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford. I am married and have a six-year old son. I like photography, especially portrait and landscape photography. I am also obsessed with all kinds of electronic devices. I enjoy singing with lots of people.



Sun Limei (孙丽梅)

My name is sun limei. I am married, is the mother of one beautiful girl wang tianjun. I enjoy music, reading and swimming. I graduated from clinical medicine, with a PhD’s degree in pathology in 2004. Now I am associate professor of pathology and currently the teaching secretary of the Department of Pathology of the ChinaMedicalUniversity in Shenyang. I am a pathological doctor with knowledge for the diagnosis of diseases and I am a pathological teacher with skills for the teaching of students. As a teacher, I have a keen interest in medical education and I have more than 15 years of professional experience in pathology. I am a very positive, hardworking and dedicated person and with enthusiasm for teaching work. I should arm myself to become a great teacher. I feel interested to take formal training on “Medical Education”. I hope that through this learning and training I will be able to become a qualified teacher and get more ability to improve the education research. And I am looking forward to join the FAIMER Centre.



Wang Dawei (王大伟)

My name is Wang Dawei, this year 41 years old. I was born in a small town in Nongan city in Jilin province. I’ve been married, my wife do physicians in the Affiliated Hospital of University, I have a son who is 10 years old this year, read the fourth grade primary school. I graduated from BeihuaUniversity in Jilin, learning the specialty of clinical medicine. I began to work in 1997, a pediatrician, student management, teaching management. My hobbies are reading books especially history books, traveling, watching movies.



mawei9140Ma Wei (马薇)

I am an associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology of Medical School, Northwest University for Nationalities, Gansu, China. I graduated from Xiangya Medical School of Central South University, China in 2007, with a Ph.D. degree in OBGYN. From 2010.10 to 2011.10, I studied as an international visiting associate scholar at Yale University School of Medicine, U.S.A., conducted researches on human ovary cancer stem cell, under the state scholarship fund sponsored by China scholarship council (CSC). It is well-known that the morbidity and mortality of cervical cancer in Wudu county of Gansu province is the highest in the world. Being an OBGYN doctor and a female, I interest in improving the minority women health status and providing perinatology knowledge education. As an OBGYN head, I am responsible for OBGYN curriculum and design the training scheme on undergraduate students. In order to improve teaching skill and help students to master the contents and develop clinical thoughts, I teach them with bilingual way and case-based learning methods. I have engaged in research and management of medical education for twelve years and accumulated a considerable experience in teaching both medical students and residents. It is a great honor for me to have been selected for FAIMER institute Fellowship Program 2013. I hope that through this study, I will be able to further expand the international perspective and get more ability to improve the minority medical education and local women health status. I am married with a lovely nine-year-old daughter.



Wu Haijiang (吴海江)

My name is Wu Haijiang, I was born on May 21th, 1981 in Qinhuangdao which is a beautiful seaside city. I have obtained a bachelor degree of clinical medicine from HebeiMedicalUniversity in 2004, and obtained a master degree of Pathology and Physiology from the ChineseAcademy of MedicalSciences & PekingUnionMedicalCollege in 2007. In the next three years, I worked in the basic medical college of HebeiMedicalUniversity as a pathology teacher. Now, I am responsible for the study of medical education. In past several years, I have published more than 10 articles in journals of medicine and taken part in several researches and innovation in medical education carried out in HebeiMedicalUniversity. I am married and my wife is a doctor. We have a three year old daughter. She is very beautiful and energetic. I love to face challenges and never give up in any circumstances whatever the cicumstances might be. I think I am a mature, self-motivated person with good analytical capability, managerial skills and organizational capabilities. Undoubtedly, all of personal characteristics mentioned above will contribute to my optimal utilization of the proposed educational program and to future achievements.




Wu Yuhua (吴玉华)

My name is Wu yuhua. I am forty-three years old. I was born in Suihua city in the Heilongjiangprovince of China. I am married since 1993, having one girl of 18 years. During my spare time, I like listening to music, reading books, watching movies and TV serials, shopping, sight-seeing, spending time with the parents and daughter etc. I am working as vice director in the Teaching Affairs Department of Harbin Medical University (HMU). I have engaged in management and research of medical education for twenty years and accumulated a wealth of practical experience, mainly responsible for curriculum, quality assurance and quality improvement. With regard to my education, I graduated from HMU, I have obtained a bachelor degree of clinical medicine, and I obtained a master’s degree of Nursing. My project title is reform on the educational model of Five-Year Medical Program. As part of the national Pilot Project for the education of Outstanding Doctors initiated in 2012, this project aims to improve the quality of medical education for the Five-Year Program at HarbinMedicalUniversity, and ultimately improve the quality of healthcare services in the community, the region and even the country. The goal of the project is to optimize the educational model of the Five-Year Medical Program, to improve the educational quality, so as to lay a solid foundation for the training of Outstanding Doctors. The objectives are to foster medical students’ professionalism, equip students with medical knowledge, and help them master the necessary clinical skills.  I am pleased to learn about the teaching management such as how to design medical curriculum, how to evaluate the faculty and courses in Shenyang. I will be able to use the knowledge and skills during Shenyang to contribute to medical education reform of HarbinMedicalUniversity.



Xin Dan (辛丹)

My name is Xin Dan.I am thirty-four years old. I was born in DaqingCity in the Heilongjiang Province of China. I am married. And I have a 5 years old lovely son. I like music, reading, watching movies, playing with my son, etc. I am graduated with bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine from QiqiharMedicalUniversity and with Master’s degree in genetics from HarbinMedicalUniversity. I have worked in the Teaching Research and Evaluation Division in QiqiharMedicalUniversity for about 3 years. I participated in some teaching reform project, hosted a project that students’ evaluation of teaching. Finished a survey research finding the differences on basic and clinical teaching quality and put forward the strategies. I believe that I can study and share with other fellowships about medical education very well.



Xing Li (邢丽)

My name is XingLI. I am 33 years old. I was born in BenXI LiaoNing province . I got marrid last year. My husband is an engineer,now we don’t have a child. And I graduated from LiaoNing medicine college in 2005,my major course was clinic medical (study all the courses in English).I like reading and play volleyball. After graduated I came to BeiJing and word in Beijing Association of Medical Education(BAME) from 2006-now. My work affairs is Engaged in the organization, management and research of the final written tests and the practical skill assessments of Beijing Resident Training Program, including designing examination programs, establishing exam requirements, analyzing the assessment data and improving the regular training via evaluation of the OSCE results. In the recent 5 years, I have engaged in running the assessment of Beijing resident training base and monitered the running of Beijing resident training program and the training situation among all levels of hospitals in Beijing through symposium and discussion with all trainees and department of medical educataion of the hospitals. For improving my work standards  I hope I can learn methods about accessment method design & research of medical exam and quality control & effect evaluation of large-scale examination.Standardized patient training and its application in medical teaching and exam.Process management of resident physician training and development of exam management  software. I feel that I have a lot to learn and work. I am dying to join the big family of FAIMER.


zhangzhongfang 9379

Zhang Zhongfang (张忠芳)

I am Dr. Zhongfang Zhang (Joanne Zhang). I was born in 1964 in Jilin City, Jilin Province of China. I graduated in clinical medicine from Jilin Medical College in 1986. Since then I became a medical teacher of Jilin Medical College and have been working there as a teacher of pathophysiology for more than 20 years. In 2004 I finished my PhD research in Molecular Biology in Jilin University and then I joined Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)as a postdoctoral researcher. My research focuses on mechanism of allergy, especially insect allergen induced allergy. Three years later I joined Physiology Department of SUMC and devoted myself in teaching of physiology and got involved in innovation of medical education in SUMC. Currently I am associated director of Shantou University Medical College Center for Faculty Development (SUMC-CFD). I am also involved in English Medical Education Program of SUMC. I engage in faculty training and curriculum development in SUMC. I am interested in medical education, especially faculty development and student-centered learning and have been reading regarding the medical education to keep myself updated. I am married and have a daughter, who is a third year college student.