About NCC

About NCC

North China Center Leaders

North China Center for medical education development (NCC), located at China Medical University (CMU), was established under the support of China Medical Board (CMB) program #03-793 in 2003. The NCC collaborative organization has 18 cooperating medical institutions which function as an effective network in medical education innovations.

NCC has been working deliberately and efficiently in medical education research and playing an increasingly important role in advancing medical education reform and innovation extending well beyond north China to most other parts of China as well. Through the CMB program # 08-935 awarded in 2008, NCC conducts systematic faculty development activities in China to disseminate what has been experienced, learned, and accumulated, as well as emerging new concepts and modules in medical education innovations.

NCC will continue the cooperation with the 18 NCC collaborative institutions/schools, as well as seven western provincial universities/schools to establish a systematic network of faculty development organizations with the goal of improving the competence of faculty, the quality of medical education, and, ultimately, the quality of health care in China.

NCC working conference in Kunming, 2012
Plenary Session on Leadership by Dr. Bill Burdick