Innovation Projects

A major goal of the fellowship program is the completion of an education innovation project, proposed by Fellows in their initial application to the Institute, and then implemented at their home institution. Projects with the potential to improve the health of the community, region, or country of the applicant’s institution are given higher priority in the fellowship selection process. The table below lists the projects of CC-FRI Fellows.

Chen QinReconstruct the goal-oriented curriculum system of medical students in luzhou medical college
Chen FengDevelopment and evaluation of the over-treatment avoidance training for interns
Wang DaweiRural doctors post competency cultivation curriculum system reform and the practice
Lai YanniEffect of training on interns’ knowledge, skills and attitude associated with Patient Safety
Li YanTeaching ability promotion project for medical teachers
Li DandanResearch on the education of relationship between the doctor and the doctor for medical students
Lin AihuaEnhance the Humanistic Education in Medical undergraduates
Liu YingThe exploration and practice CBL method in higher medical undergraduate education
Liu YuqingThe struction of community medical base supported by Xinxiang Medical University
Ma WeiConstruction of Effective PBL Cases in OBGYN at Medical School of NWUN (northwest university for Nationalities)
Niu LiStudy on the effects of improvement on rural health care environment awareness of teachers responsible for rural-oriented medical students
Lv ShaochunResearch and Practice of Constructing Curriculum System in Clinical Medicine Major Lun Shisi, Evaluation research of the medical integrated course
Sun LimeiApply for PBL and Sandwich teaching mode with the aid of the pathology digital curriculum platform
Xing LiAnalyze the influence factors of internal residents training quality in BeiJiing
Wu HaiJiangEffects of Curriculum Integration on Student’s Mastering of Clinical Knowledge
Wu YuhuaReform on the educational model of Five-Year Medical Program
Xin DanConstruction and improvement of the student evaluation system of teachers
Fan DongyanExploration of TBL teaching method in the teaching of Toxicolog
Zhang ZhongfangDeveloping faculty teaching competence in medical education
Xu XiaoyuanEstablish a Pharm.D. Study-abroad Program
Gu Ya-lvThe improvement of clinical practice skills for interns by reforming ward round in Kunming Medical University
Gan XiaofangComparetive study of student learning between a lecture class and small growp discussion class in Market Survey course
Liu ChunmiaoThe development of case writing ability training for PBL tutors in Qiqihaer Medical University
Tan SipinEvaluation of virtual simulation experimental teaching in Central South University of China
Gao RuiImproving the radiological interns’ work ability and efficiency by offering digital instructional resources training
Su HongDesigning five-year undergraduate education clinical medicine professional curriculum integration
Liao YuhangFind out how much money is being spend on appendicitis health care in Hainan Province
Bai ZhenggangStudy on the policy guarantee for rural physicians training in Gansu Province
Wang ShizeTo improve the teaching skills of faculty in the community hospitals in wzu
Zhong ZhihongPlacement of medical students in a rural hospital to encourage rural practice
Tang RenxianEstablish a new basic medical curriculum system based on competency-oriented for clinical medicine undergraduates
Zeng YufangConstruction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System for Clinical Teaching Hospital
Xie AnaImpact of Reform the Accreditation System for Basic Medical Education in China
Liu LiangThe Improvement of Teaching Management Efficiency through Training with a Standardized Teaching Management Process Handbook in Guangxi Medical University
Zong XiaoqinRedesign of the Music Therapy curriculum in Chongqing Medical University
Tian LeiResearch for the Competency of Resident Physicians
Zhao LiIdentifying the Competencies of Doctors in China
Zhao YeA status survey of the competence-orientation of the teaching program for professional master degree candidates in clinical medicine in China
Cheng MinBuild the effective teaching team of integrated curriculum in Weifang Medial University